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IV Therapy

$165 per IV session. Save money with our membership plans!

Basic ($160/mo)

1 IV Treatment per month. 10% off additional services

Premium ($300/mo)

2 IV Treatments per month. 15% off additional services

Elite ($420/mo)

3 IV Treatments per month. 20% off additional services

Platinum ($530/mo)

4 IV Treatments per month, 25% off additional services

Medication Assisted Weight Loss Program

$450 per month

Add-on services available to program members at a 20% off-menu price

By Appointment Only

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy has the ability to ameliorate a number of disorders, especially in patients suffering from gastrointestinal malabsorption problem. It bypasses the need for gastrointestinal absorption, thereby markedly increasing nutrient bioavailability and cellular uptake.

Starting $165 & Up